Andy Yau

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Adam Iskandar

Edward foo is incredible. Edward training style improves our understanding of our basic trading way strategies. His lessons are clear and simple to understand, even for a newbie like me. I will apply what I learnt to gain more profit. Very very helpful Edward!


Dan Russel

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Keenan Khaidir

I’m glad for joining this course! Edward and Alexandra have easy to understand methods to explain their basic strategy in trading. Simple, detail and effective


Andi Arusa bin Mahmood

Alexandra and Edward explained their experience and knowledge in trading forex. Very informative, detailed with a good overview of the entire market. The principles are very useful in allowing us to apply in the real market. Excellent job Snap Academy!


Lee Na

This course has given me a different perspective on reading the forex market and applying more effective methods in the real market. I’m very grateful to join this seminar. Thanks, Snap Academy!


Brian Chin

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