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In this exclusive event, you will learn:

  • The 7 common mistakes the 95% (losers) make & how to avoid them
  • What the 5% successful Traders look out for and how to join them to trade profitably, in a consistent, safe and routine manner, be it in a Bull or Bear market.
  • How SnapTradar is designed to objectively SNAP out the best opportunities in Market, according to actual Market’s performance, free from any biased or so called expert’s opinions.
  • How SnapTradar does all the work for you, presenting the best opportunities Market has to offer within mere Seconds without you having to spend long tedious hours on market research
  • The phenomenal Trading results anyone following SNAP’s next-level Trading system can achieve, in a methodical, no second-guessing, easy to follow manner than even people who have zero trading experience can achieve

By the end of the seminar you will know more about how Market actually operates than most of the people who has had years of trading experience. The total value of this Seminar is at $50 which we’re offering for free (limited seats). So hurry, up and book your seats right now as we’re expecting to be filled up in no time.

Receive a mini E-Book “Equity Markets; To Invest or Trade?” completely free written by seasoned Trader Eliezer Wee upon your signing Up for the free seminar. Over at SNAP, we believe in helping the man / woman on the street gain access to the tools & financial instruments that the rich & ‘sophisticated’ use to get wealth. Which is why we make use of tech to design easy to use, user friendly and proven systems based on what works in market with the regular person in mind. To us, it’s not enough that our system works, but that it should be simple enough to be practically utilized by anyone (who knows how to use a phone) to get the results that the very best in their respective fields achieve.

Seminar Details

Date: 30th October 2019

Time: 7pm to 10pm

Location: 21 Merchant Road, 07-01, Park Regis Office Tower, Singapore

Course Fees: Free