Gayan Samarakoon

Quant, Trading Mentor (Australia)

• Director of Trading and Risk, Snap Research Labs Au
• Former proprietary trader Schneider trading Associates UK
• Head of quantitative strategy and Co-founder Limitless Capital
• B.Pharm, M.appFin, MBA

Background profile:
• Specialising in Equity and Cryptocurrency markets with a focus on statistical arbitrage, intraday high frequency trading and machine learning.
• Significant experience in proprietary trading, recruitment, risk, compliance, and investor relations.
• Held multiple senior management roles across Retail, FMCG and Healthcare sectors
• Seasoned entrepreneur who has co-founded multiple start-ups ranging from aviation, pharma, eCommerce and multimedia
• Obtained his tertiary qualifications from Macquarie University Sydney, University of Otago New Zealand, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology Boston

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