Eliezer Wee

Trading Mentor (Singapore)
  • Director at WP Global
  • Director at T3B
  • Biotechnology, Singapore Polytechnique


Background Profile:

  • Eliezer Wee has been trading ever since the age of 21 (the minimum legal age in Singapore to open a brokerage account during his time). His trading journey started in 2006, and the market would soon lead him into a period known to many as a period (2007 – 2009) of “Financial Wealth Destruction”.
  • While many were losing money during the global meltdown, Eliezer was profiting handsomely from his Short positions. To be able to profit in what’s known even to experienced traders as a ‘treacherous period’ convicted Eliezer it was possible to make a living out of Equities Trading.
  • Having learned from numerous renowned Mentors in various disciplines i.e. Stocks & Shares, CFD, Options, Forex, and Futures.
  • Eliezer’s trading skills and competence is widely acknowledged in the financial derivatives circle. Eliezer is also known for his ability to break down abstract market principles into easy to understand bite sizes so that even the average man on the street is able to appreciate them and take advantage of it to profit from the Market. Eliezer has routinely identified and participated in phenomenal Stock counters just before they made huge moves, which eventually placed these Counters in any Market’s “Top Movers” list.
  • To date, Eliezer has helped thousands of people in their understanding of the Market while empowering them to profit from the best opportunities in the market in a safe, consistent and straightforward manner.

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