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1) Beginners and those have NO market experience.
2) Those who want to learn about the cryptocurrency market.
3) Experienced traders who want to improve their knowledge of the cryptocurrency market.
4) Investors those who are looking for the right method and optimal profitability.

- How-

With profitable trading strategies that have been tested by a team of 93 traders and guide you step by step from basic knowledge to practice in this market.

5783 Students in 10+ Registered Countries ...
Currently owns 93 traders ...

There is a huge difference between a trading strategy

and a tactic MAKE MONEY
(do you agree?)
As a reputable financial trading academy with many talented traders, we have a unique opportunity to see the real picture behind millions of different trading situations, this enabled us to tactics work, and which don’t.
We have analyzed over 2,880,000 signals trading, 19,680 trials for over 2 years, though our traders. …
We found the models that were truly effective and profitable.
As you can imagine, it has NOT a simple and easy process.
We have gone through a series of trials, and there have been many inistances of huge losses.
But then something interesting happened …
As we never stop Digging, Analyzing, Discussing,
The positive signals appeared …
The results shocked us! We realize that the following doesn’t matter with trading results.And that is:
• Years of your trading experience… (Surprise?)
• And the number of trading strategies you are working on… (Are you sure it’s safe?…)
We discovered that what, all a trader needs most are:
• Complete control over emotions.
• Utilize of essential technologies.
• An established a plan to prevent risks and minimize losses as much as possible.
• Tactics with low profitability and low risk
• And get the right knowledge base about the market !!!

Our Practitioners Have Mastered A Way To Make Profitable Trading In Crypto Markets.Now We Aim To Help Other Members Achieve Their Dreams!

Many students get scared when they hear the phrase “Professional Traders”.Because they think they can’t become a professional trader either.
For those of you who think like that, we want to remind you that anyone can become a professional trader. We will help you earn sustainable profits you only need to have the passion and the right resources to learn and improve your abilities!

87% of traders have failed in investing in the crypto market …

In order for you not to be one of those failed traders, you need a solid source of market knowledge and effective strategies to become a smart investor.

Regardless of whether it is in the cryptocurrency market or any other financial market.There is no exception.

A lot of people lose money before they even understand how the market actually works …

Snap Academy has spent many years seeing all the traders they are doing. We recognize that we need to know the “special trick”, know what the real effective method is before investing in crypto and that helps us to return investment return.

Snap Academy was established in 2011.
Snap Academy has made its presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Australia, United States, Dubai, India, Thailand and Vietnam.
​​Snap Academy help people create assets so they can live and enjoy the life they want.
​Snap Academy help people grow their achieve financial freedom.
​​Snap Academy is not only an online training platform, but also a financial trading organization that brings together many trading experts and technology developers from around the globe.
​Snap Academy which owns a large financial fund is the go to resource hub of investors who seek the knowledge needed in making right decisions.

We “transformed” an ordinary person into a professional trader

Take a look at the principles of the Snap Academy’s trading philosophy that has helped traders win over every market:

“Big bets” is not what we look for …..
Trade is not about making money on a few trades …. Real success is a long process.
Everyone can LEARN to be successful in financial trading!
We believe that the most stable way to make money from the market is through lots of transactions with moderate volume.
To form a consistent and profitable strategy must come from a perfect system made up of a trader’s research experience and a proven strategy.
Passion and enthusiasm to learn will determine half of one’s success.
Desire to seek profit from the market!

Textbooks compiled by veteran traders

Support from AI Trading technology

Risk management to minimize your losses

The community of traders actively supports


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Markets of digital asset money, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin ...
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This course is produced by the veteran associates at Snap Academy. We understand that this school offers enormous potential. All of our traders have managed hundreds of millions of funds and profit from 150% to 200% over the period.
With the promise of a concessional fee equal to just one meeting of friends, you will have all the necessary platforms needed to enter the cryptocurrency market.

Right now, you can become a true cryptocurrency trader by completing the most prestigious training from Snap Academy.

What do our students say about "Snap Academy"?

More than 5,783 participants have participated in our workshops and courses worldwide. Some have become real traders!

The courses offered by Snap Academy has given me invaluable knowledge. It has deepened my understanding and has provided hands-on opportunities to practice technical analysis methods that are difficult to understand from lectures in university!

Thang Ng

I love this course. Taught by experienced instructors! That is really impressive. It was great to hear truly sincere experiences about the investment world. This really gave me a better understanding of how to get rich in this field!

Lucy L

"The trading method emphasizes safety and efficiency. I have started to make profits and have a lot more confidence in trading." Minh, Snap Trader

"I tried trading and found it really effective." Tu, Snap Trader

"The programs have surpassed my expectations, I even got to interact with other good traders." Tri, freelance trader

Snap Academy offers an authentic experience, even for high school students! My father pushed me to come to these training programs. Now even though I’m still a high school student and am completely inexperienced in finance, I understand financial markets. I am ready to start trading and accumulate impressive sources of income in the future.

Jacky Ong

I have worked for a finance company for a few years now, working with investors and traders around, but I have never tried trading once. Snap Academy has helped me enter the financial trading market scene. Snap shares easy and useful knowledge. You only need to spend 10 minutes a day after completing the course!

Minh Q

Detail of the course.


The curriculum consists of 11 modules, over 60 videos summarizing all the core knowledge compiled by experienced SNAP Traders.

▶ ️1. Introduce
▶ ️ 2. Create an account (Tools)
▶ ️ 3. Investment knowledge
▶ ️4. Major cryptocurrencies
▶ ️ 5. Welcome to the Crypto world. Terms You Need to Know
▶ ️ 6. How to reserve money safely
▶ ️ 7. Exchanges
▶ ️ 8. Before trading: Essentials Thinking
▶ ️ 9. Get started: Own your first cryptocurrency
▶ ️ 10. Trading knowledge (Technical analysis)
▶ ️ 11. Real transaction
✅ Bonus: Get a certificate
✅ Bonus: Career opportunities

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Total value: 7,580,000

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