About us

Providing investing enthusiast the right foundation and knowledge

Learn from people who have already made a mark in the trading industry and understanding the boundaries that will limit your wealth creation journey. We have courses catered for different kind of investing.

Who We Are

Founded in 2011, Snap Academy is developed & delivered by a Team of Accomplished Trading Veterans from Proprietary Trading & Asset Management Firms. We want to make a difference to the investment community, by inspiring and garnering financial enthusiasts globally. By instilling the right knowledge and to prepare them for opportunities that present in the financial markets, the success rates of investment can be magnified. The curriculum is designed with practical lessons and structured to suit investors of different proficiency.

We have offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Australia, Vietnam, Dubai, India and Thailand.

Snap Academy is on a mission to share wealth knowledge so that we can live and enjoy the way we want.

How it got started

  • The reason why your company came to be
  • What motivates your team to wake up and come to work everyday
  • How your product came to be
  • What types of customers find value in working with your brand and why
  • A transparent view into the people behind the company
  • A relationship-building tool
  • More subtle than you realize
  • concept that underscores your entire web presence
  • Something that your entire team, at organizational levels, embraces
  • A look into who you are as a company

Meet Our Mentors

Veterans in the investment

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Dr. Ting Shang Ping

Geoff Benstead

Geoff Benstead

Head of Training

Yong Chen Chook

Trading Mentor (Malaysia)

Peter Wong

Director of Trading (Australia)

Gayan Samarakoon

Quant, Trading Mentor (Australia)

Tay Kian Leong