10-Minute Millionaire


Invest a few hours in this workshop to start to discover:

  • How to “buy at wholesale, sell at retail” like financial institutions
  • How to navigate today’s increasingly volatile markets and manage risk
  • Common mistakes of the novice investor and how to reduce them
  • How you can time the market by waiting for opportunity to come to you
  • A rules-based strategy for trading in any market and any asset class


I’ve attended a lot of workshops, paid ridiculous fees to join courses just so that I could learn how to trade better… none of them truly work for me. Suffice to say, all of them were just bullshitting most of the time which made me doubt that the people who conducted those classes are actually successful traders A friend of mine told me about Snap Academy’s courses and how amazing it is but I had my doubts. I went anyway and my friend was right though. Here’s the thing about most trading courses, they usually are taught by technical analyst who doesn’t even trade themselves… or their own trades aren't even that profitable but with Snap Academy, the instructors are actually successful traders. They actually teach their own winning strategies and share their proprietary with us. It’s already been a week since I graduated and i can proudly say that i’m about to quit my day time job to become a full time trader. Why? Because why work so hard for a month to earn what you can be profiting in a week through your trades.

Diana M.

They were not lying when they said they'll teach us on how to become proficient traders! After I attended their courses, I'm able to better identify trades that has a lot of potential!

M. Adhira

I can't believe that there's so much I didn't know. So much I could have learned before I started trading, I could've avoided making so much losses.

Alice Oh

I'll be honest, I was a bit skeptic. I don't even know who Dr Ting is or his team of experts are but I'll admit, they truly are experts in this industry

Seng Lim

snap academy-seng-lim
"What really made me a better trader is that I was able to have a private session with Mr Alexander Liew. I cannot believe that I would have this kind of opportunity to actually learn from someone who has 20 years of experience as a trader. The things he shared with me? Is absolutely game changing."

Derek Thien

"I’m sure most traders would agree with me when I say that none of us are able to trade alone and to actually find a group of traders that genuinely offers profitable tips and advices is almost impossible… till i joined Snap Academy’s courses. Not only did i learned a lot of things but the most important thing for me that I was able to join a community of amazing and successful traders."

Jason Wong

"As a trader, i've attended a lot of events, workshops and courses but none of them truly understands what we as traders truly want to learn. However, that all change after i attended Snap Academy's course where they taught me the most important thing a trader should learn... Trading Strategies! Now I know better when to enter the market and so much more"

Andy Yau



People who are interested to begin to learn more about how they can make the right moves in the financial markets. This includes:

Traders who are tired of inconsistent returns. Most of them have been using technical analysis for years with little to possibly no reward for their efforts. They attend the workshop to begin to learn about strategies designed to help find high probability, low-risk opportunities like the financial institutions use.

Individuals with little to no experience trading or investing. ​​Many of these folks worry about job security or are tired of working hard just to make someone else rich. They attend to start discovering trading and investing strategies designed to produce a second stream of income.


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